What kind of shoes do you service?
premium shoe cleaners leather bag cleaner shoe restoration

Anything and everything from medical shoes, traditional sandals, to designer heels and boots, our workshop is here for you. So come over regardless of whether it's your Nike kicks or your Loro Piana sandals. That’s what makes Ress and Co professional shoe cleaners.
How long is your delivery time?

We provide a wide scope of work ranging from shoe cleaning, repairs to restoration to artwork. However, it may take just up to 3 days depending on the scope of work.
How can I get my shoes repaired?

As of the moment, we can repair your shoes by dropping them off at our workshop. Our staff will give you a timeline on when you can pick them up and we will have them on display ready for you to collect.
What shoe cleaners do you use?

We use only premium shoe cleaners. We understand that all footwear is special to the person coming in, therefore we only use the best solutions in the market, including Jason Markk shoe clean products, a pioneering brand trusted for its shoe care.
Do you sell shoes?

No. We are a workshop that is highly focused on providing services for our clients such as shoe restoration, to make their beloved and special items feel brand new once more.
Do you do handbag restoration?

Ress and Co offers a wide range of bag repair & restoration services, including stain and
scratch removal, handle replacements, and color revival.
What handbag cleaning services do you provide?

Any type of leather, suede, nubuck, satin. But of course, we take a look at other fabrics too. Regardless, it is all gently cleaned by us using Jason Markk products. We ensure that each bag is treated delicately and that leathers and materials are considered even when it is going through deep cleaning.